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Free home security system has become a burning question in the present world. With the increase of criminals the crime has exceeded its limits. Now, different offices, banks, big businesses andspecially homesareconcerning the importance of security system. Previously this home security system was a luxury, but now it has become a necessity.

We want security system for security of our health as well as wealth. When the question of wealth comes, then I had to mention, that are we really saving our wealth? The amount that we had to spend every year on home securities is really high so some people go with the opinion of avoiding this part. This is one of the main reasons for high increase of burglaries in normal homes.

But, how will it be if we could get this security free of cost. Perhaps we could get double of the present population using home security system. The next thing is how to get and from where to get? I must say, getting this security system is as easy as surfing on net.

Basic Requirements for Taking Free Home Security System

Free Home Security SystemBefore choosing a free home security system you need to have a proper knowledge regarding your needs and wants and off-course you need to have some knowledge about the security systems too. Installing is easy and with some small study you can very easily do it by saving the cost. Before you start with the job, you need to know what the actual machineries you want to install.

Different Options for Free Home Security System

The first option for you is setting of alarms. Alarms have proved its importance in many of the houses. But again a question comes, though it is true that the cost will be reduced by 5 fold with self-installation but it may not fully free. There are some companies who offer free home security system like these free alarms but excluding the installation. So, a self-installation will basically give you the alarm for absolutely free of cost if you can take this offer.

There is another option that is to install wireless motion detector on doors. These things have the detector, siren and what not to keep you in the safe side. But again this unit has some cost which may not be recurring but still you have to invest something. The cost is so less that you can easily afford it like free of cost.

Next I would tell you some 100% free security measures, though they sound silly, but will provide the best of the securities.

On your house you can easily install a security camera. Getting a security camera is as easy as the fairy stories of a child, all you need to do is to get a wired or a wireless camera, wireless is better. All you need to do is to fit the camera in a hidden place on various sides of the house, and inside you can easily get a video footage of what is going on outside and thus keeping an eye on the outside world from inside.

Another much recommended thing when comes to home security systems is installation a security symbol outside your house. Many of you might fear the burglars, but this is an absolute fact that these burglars fear you ten-times more than you fear them. They always try to find the easy way out. They in general will not even hook beside a house with security symbols as they are always afraid of getting caught.

Keeping doors and windows lock as much as possible, along with it if possible then keeping the lights on is also a good option, as burglars choose dark and not lights. When you are not at home, keeping boards like “WE ARE NOT AT HOME” is not at all recommended when talking about security. In front or the backside of your house keeping the bushes trimmed would be a good option as burglars love this place since it is best for hiding.

The next important free home safety system from which millions of people have awarded is keeping a dog at home. Keeping a medium size to large dog is always beneficial, other than this you can do a simple thing like you can write on the front door “BEWARE OF DOG”, seeing this many of the burglars would leave your place and would go for some safer targets on the house of those people who haven’t yet read this article. So, from now onwards you have the option to keep your “home sweet home” the safest place with the cheapest cost with free home security system.

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